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August 08 2012


TV Host

Not that it's his favorite section of television, TV host Jimmy Loram scored a part inside a pilot to get a reality show. Although he hopes for hosting his own network show, he is still dealing with tv acting jobs since it helps build his base of experience. The pilot is currently being shopped around so we can't let you know what the show is about. We can share there are around ten different reality stars from the 3 past reality shows, such as the Amazing Race, Your government, and Celebrity Rehab, to name a few. Jimmy got cast inside a scene with Chyna and a couple other actors. As usual, the production was delayed by a number of hours (quite normal in any way!). Chyna was challenged by another reality star (term "star" used very loosely here!) for an "act-off."

TV Hosting

Jimmy Loram got his phone and got Chyna's winning performance recorded! Isn't it time to relive Mommie Dearest? Here's Chyna as Joan Crawford!

TV host Jimmy Loram does camera work!

TV Hosting
Wanting to be a paid tv host, a commercial/tv actor etc, has been quite a challenge for Jimmy. As you can tell, he's had to cope with...that. He's no need to be a real possibility star, but a reality tv host would not be a dreadful step up the best direction.

This is just a side route to actual television show host jobs, for example his web tv host gig with Trailer Hits. it's yet to go into production since the producers are presently rebuilding the site and looking out for Jimmy's co-host. Jimmy is going to be putting those hosting duties on hold for this weekend--his band Opeus has been doing in Huntington Beach at the Marlin Bar. "It is definitely an exciting place to perform!" Jimmy says.

When inquired on his hosting class, Jimmy mentioned there are tons of tv host wanted castings that may be found through various casting websites. The instructor for the month of August was Antony and he is a producer from shows like Fox & Friends and Inside Edition. His suggestions about ways to get in the media, earn face time, is to become an expert locally of interest. Since Jimmy Loram is a regular wedding DJ and Planner, his niche is weddings. Fun weddings, to be more precise. Because he pursuit of tv hosting jobs, he put together a package he could submit, that features his pictures, his resume, samples form his many blogs, plus a copy of his tv host reel. Antony suggested students "think just like a producer" that will create segments that might be 2-3 minutes in length on air. A lot of tv hosts got their start with doing little segments on morning shows.

Jimmy segments will be something similar to 3 Biggest Mistakes Brides Make Making use of their Wedding Agendas or Making Winter Weddings Work: The five Stuff you Can't Do Without. Going on Good Morning America to accomplish a 2 to three minute segment with all the television host currently in the seat couldn't survive unusual, even for a practically unknown. It might cause a genuine tv host job, if the producers like the things they see.

So it is a struggle available as the economy has even affected the amount of tv host jobs that are available. They've gone down in number by about 30%. A tv host casting is treated like gold so agents are sending their utmost clients only. The only real ones left for beginners like Jimmy would be the unpaid ones. Jimmy doesn't see this as a huge negative, though. He admits that, "I look at it as possibility to benefit free. Suppose I get an awesome hosting job. If I produce a rookie mistake onto it, I'm out and my reputation is damaged. I'd have a hard time landing another great tv host job. Taking care of smaller shows, like my upcoming internet show is the greatest way for me to host a show and exercise at the same time. It'll give time to develop so i could become the best tv host I'm able to be. When that high paying hosting gig will come in, I will be really ready." Let's hope the optimism isn't getting worn off of him!
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